Practitioner Level 3 DVD 2020 PAL

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PAL format played back on DVD players in Europe, most of Asia / Oceania, most of Africa, and parts of South America. As well as playback on computer DVD drives. Filmed from three cameras and voiced over. These are the techniques needed to pass the third practitioner level test in Krav Maga. All techniques are performed by Master Avi Moyal and the IKMF global team.
Digitally remastered and updated techniques according to the 2020 IKMF curriculum. Techniques covered on this DVD; Punches, Kicks, Hand defenses vs. regular front kicks, Releases from bear hugs - arm free, Releases from bear hugs - arms caught, Releases from various hand/wrist grabs, Dealing with falls, Use of common objects - knife type, Fighting games, 3 vs. 1, Fighting skills, Simulation game and tactics, Releases from side headlocks while on the ground, Common ways of holding/using the knife, Defense against an attacker charging with a knife (over 2m).