IKMF Panther training knife set

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The IKMF Panther training knife set includes; 1X IKMF Panther training knife. 1X Plastic sheath equipped with a rotational clip. 1X 10ml vial dispenser with washable red ink. 1X Plastic blade. 1X Fabric blade.
Inside the IKMF Panther training knife there is a 1.5mm thick stainless steel insert to give weight and rigidity. The fibre blade is easily replaceable and adapts to all surfaces such as leather, fabric and protections. It is also resistant to the metal grids of the masks and makes marking very precise both in the tip and in the cut. The toothed blade makes it possible to distinguish threat from aggression. The blade . The red ink is water-based, harmless and super washable from skin and fabrics. Once loaded with ink, the marker knife has about 400 cuts. Its possible to refill the fibre blade several times.