IKMF Marker Training Knife

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IKMF Italia has selected and did customize a very special training knife that mark, during Krav Maga training, the point where hit the defendel, leaving a clear red blood effect sign. The use of this innovative tool both in individual training and in a dedied seminars get excellnt results. The knife is made by a shell of special high resistance antishock plastic material, Nylon reinforced with 30% elastometric fibreglass. Inside it is inserted a stainless steel profile of 1.5 mm which gives relistic rigidity and weight. Over it is installed a sheet in a special absorbent fiber flush with the blade shape, that have the function of ink marker. To place an order, please click http://www.kravmaga-ikmf.it/news/248-ikmf-knife-defense-system-pre-order-info-form

The full knife is 227 mm long and the blade is 97 mm. The weight is 170 gr. It is suppied with a sheath of the same material with a snap-on strap, adjustable at 360 degrees, and with a refill red ink bottle of 10ml. It is possible to buy refill of inks, spare parts of the marker (which in any case has a considerable duration) and other accessoriees. The IKMF Training Knife was conceived, designed and build by Roberto Risicato from Laserled and adapted and personalized for IKMF in a patnership in order to develop a series of training tools specific for krav maga and self defense.