Hagor Police External Body Armor/Bulletproof Vest (IIIA)

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Robo Vest Includes: Bullet Proof Vest with IIIA Protection Back, Sides, and front Bullet Proof Vest Carry Bag Velcro space for patches on both the back and front.
Specifically designed to meet the defense needs of Law enforcement, the Hagor Police Vest is an external Bulletproof Vest that can easily be worn over the civilian cloth or uniform. The Hagor Police Vest is a level IIIA protection bulletproof vest. Manufactured with 24 layers of Goldflex, the Hagor Law enforcement Vest is made to withstand handgun rounds, shotgun rounds, and shrapnel. It can be easily upgraded to level III+ or IV to withstand most Rifle rounds as well. The Police Body Armor Vest also features a pocket for an Anti-stabbing and Anti-trauma panel. The Vest comes with a carry bag worth $25. With a newer, slimmer design, the Police Vest is not as cumbersome or heavy as its predecessors so that you can maneuver more easily while on duty or on the move. The Hagor Vest is manufactured under both NIJ and ISO 9001:2000 international standards so you know that your vest is getting the highest quality in ballistics testing, leaving you feeling safe while on duty or in a high-risk area.