Graduate Levels 1 - 5 DVD Set 2020 PAL

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PAL format played back on DVD players in Europe, most of Asia / Oceania, most of Africa, and parts of South America. As well as playback on computer DVD drives.
This Graduate series made by Master Avi Moyal, head instructor of the International Krav Maga Federation will increase the effectiveness of your attack as well as your defense, regardless to your level or Rank. These techniques will give you the skills to deal with a much stronger opponent. This DVD series was developed to allow you to continue to improving and build up on the foundation that was established in the IKMF clubs around the world. It assists you to pass grade tests, Now that you can see the techniques, skills and strategies that Imi, Krav Maga creator and IKMF founder invented & developed through his life as a son of a policeman, sports champion, soldier in the army and head of IDF unarmed combat. This series shows the four elements of IKMF Krav Maga: technique, tactics, fitness and mental (cognition & state of mind). Moreover it shows how Krav Maga instructors build students ability, step by step, layer by layer to gain the reflexive skills that may save your life. Regardless of your background, you can only benefit by implementing these techniques into your arsenal. IKMF, the world's leading self-defense expert, makes sure that you understand not only how a technique works, but why it works and when to use it.