Practitioner 1+2 Disk-On-Key

Practitioner 1 was the best-selling self-defense. In its new version you can find the most comprehensive demonstration and explanation of the Krav Maga basic Techniques:

  • Stances & Movements
  • Straight Punches
  • Elbow strikes
  • Hammer Punches
  • Kicks
  • Combination of attacks
  • Outside Defense vs. punches
  • Inside Defense vs.punches
  • Prevention
  • chock releases
  • Release from Headlocks
  • Getting up from the ground
  • Release while on the ground
  • Dealing with Falls
  • Using common objects for self-defense
  • Simulation & Tactics


The  P2 contains video of the techniques from 3 different angel up side and front titled with adequate music. This are the technique needed to pass the second level test in Krav Maga. All technique done by Master Avi Moyal


List of subject the USB covers;

1. Circular Punches - Hooks (Roundhouses) & Uppercuts.
2. Elbow Strikes.
3. Various Punches.
4. Kicks.
5. Inside Defense (with palm or forearm) Against Straight Punches.
6. Outside Defenses Against Punches.
7. Leg Defenses Against Kicks.
8. Defenses Against An Impending Knife Threat.
9. Release From Headlocks.
10. Dealing with Falls.
11. Release while on Ground.
12. Using Common Objects.
13. Simulation game and Tactics.
14. Extra Curriculum - different finish modes.