IKMF Red Backpack

Simply convert the Backpack into the Duffel Bag and you can store even more gear than before. Just unclip the shoulder straps, stow them in the pocket, unzip the bottom, extend and attach the carry strap and you now have a large Duffel bag.

Great for the trainee who needs to carry a lot of equipment.

This ‘gear bag’ boasts an array of useful features;

• Fleece lined valuables storage area
• Earphone/ headphone opening
• Water resistant inner pocket
• An insulated water bottle holder
• Heavy duty construction 
• Oversized compartments help keep your gear stowed safely 
• Ventilated design will help maximise gear longevite

• As a Backpack the bag is 520mm long x 470mm wide x 300mm deep.
• As the Duffel Bag it measures up at 780mm long x 470mm wide x 300mm deep.

Krav Maga Convertable Backpack is perfect for your regular Krav Maga Classes, Krav Maga Workshops and Seminars and very good to take to Krav Maga Crash Camp. 

useful features : 

Contains side pockets and a large rear compartment
Very appropriate containment equipment of Krav Maga
Waterproof and airy
made of high quality fabric