IKMF Krav-Maga gloves

RDX Power fighter® series gloves are highly durable and are made using full grain cowhide leather. The Heavily padded gloves incorporate a ¾” Shell-Shock™ Gel integrated Tri-Slab™ padding to enhanced shock absorption. With the advanced QD-2™ lining, the gloves wick away all the sweat while the Palm-O™ architecture along with the special thumb enclosure ensures perfect grip and ultimate security.

  • Power fighter® series gloves made with full grain cowhide leather for extended durability
  • Heavily padded with ¾” Shell-Shock™ Gel integrated Tri-Slab™ padding for shock absorption
  • Include special QD-2™ lining for sweat control and anti-bacterial abilities
  • Exclusive RDX® Palm-O™ architecture coupled with special thumb-enclosure for maximum protection
  • Extra-long wrist strap supported by bi-layered Quick-Ez™ Velcro closure for added wrist support