IKMF Practitioner 3 DVD

IKMF New Practitioner 3 DVD

The DVD contains video of the techniques from 3 different angels up side and front titled with adequate music.

This is the technique needed to pass the third level test in Krav Maga.

All technique is done by the master Avi Moyal 

Available in PAL or NTSC formats.

List of subject the DVD covers;

1. Punches.
2. Kicks.
3. Hand Defenses Vs Regular Front kicks.
4. Releases from Bear Hugs - Arm Free.
5. Releases from Bear Hugs - Arms CaughtReleases from Various Hand / Wrist Grabs.
6. Dealing With Falls.
7. Use of Common Objects - Knife Type.
8. Fighting Games, 3 vs. 1
9. Fighting Skills.
10. Simulation game and Tactics.
11. Releases from Side Headlocks While on the Ground.
12. Common ways of holding/using the knife.
13. Defense against an Attacker charging with a Knife (over 2m).